Water Resource Management

Eia ka wai la, he wai e ola
(Here is the water, the water of life)


Water is especially important for an isolated island chain like Hawaii. 70% of the Hawaiian Islands’ water goes to agriculture. If we are to increase our food security, we must have reliable water sources.  Hawaii Island is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and has abundant rivers and rain and streams galore.   

Still, Hawaii Island has 11 climate zones, and we must share water island-wide from the dry, sun baked Kona-side to the rain drenched Hilo-side. How can we share and effectively manage our water so that we all have what we need to thrive? Hawaii state government and organizations are working to protect our water and watersheds. By 2030, the State of Hawaii hopes to increase our protected watersheds by 30%. American Water Works Association Hawaii Section is dedicated to protecting our drinking water.  Organizations are working to decrease wastewater pollution and many organizations are cleaning up our watersheds.  Contact one of these organizations today to find out how you can help, and plant trees to purify our air and water.

Community Organizations

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