Biodiversity, Kilauea-mountain of fire

Hawaii’s Vulnerable Biodiversity

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park videos

Hawaii Wildlife Fund’s Honu Watch

Hawaii Invasive Species Council, Invasive Species Videos

Dateline NBC, Palmyra Atoll 

The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii: The Importance of Palmyra Atoll

Explore the Humboldt Archipelago Hope Spot in Chile – Mission Blue

How to make sustainability the bedrock of a global sporting event – Volvo Ocean Race

Sustainable Development Goals: Improve Life All Around The Globe – United Nations

The Diet that Helps Fight Climate Change – Vox

Causes and Effects of Climate Change – National Geographic

Global Progress through Partnerships – World Economic Forum

Cambridge partners with industry leaders to fund research on global sustainability challenges – Lifestyle News

Sustainable Investing is on the Rise | Global Research Live | J.P. Morgan

Global sustainability from the bottom up – McGill University

The Case for Optimism on Climate Change – Climate Reality Project

Climate Refugees

Aloha From Lavaland

Hawaii Storytellers

Kauai storm leaves major island damage, hundreds displaced

Hawaii News Now Flooding

Climate Refugees The Movie

Environmental Justice Foundation, Falling through the Cracks

Environmental Justice Foundation, Land of Rivers

Environmental Justice Foundation, No Place like Home, Rising Waters

How-to Guide for Environmental Refugees (Cateret Islands, Papua New Guinea atoll)

Platform on Disaster Displacement

CBS News Climate Refugees, Kiribati

MSNBC, Migrant Crisis, Marshall Islands

Weather Channel, 2 Billion Could Become Climate Refugees From Rising Seas by 2100, Study Says

Community Partnerships

HIDOE Mālama Honua Recap

Finding Lessons on Culture and Conservation at the End of the Road in Kauai

Ulupono Supports Farm-To-School on Hawaii – Ulupono Initiative Island

Hawaii Pacific University’s Hilo Research Feed Mill Now Operational – Ulupono Initiative

Earth Day Energy Summit 2018 Live Stream

GreenBiz, Dawn Lippert, Elemental Excelerator – Elemental Excelerator

A Dozen Moments from Earth Day 2018 – Elemental Excelerator

‘Aina Pono Hawai‘i State Farm to School Program- Hawaii State Department of Education

Hawaii Storytellers: Alani Apio’s Emotional Plea To Help The Homeless – Honolulu Civil Beat

The Best Farmer’s Markets on Oahu – Good Food Movement

OHA Grantees – The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA)

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii Wanderlust Cleanup 2017

The ProTest An Ecoboard Challenge – Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Bamboo Bikes Hawaii (Pacific Partnerships In Education) – ThinkTech Hawaii

Powerful pioneering ag-to-culinary partnership pleases palates – University of Hawaiʻi News

Opportunities and Challenges: Micronesia, Hawaii, and Education (Pacific Partnerships In Education) – ThinkTech Hawaii

May 2018 Hawai’i SEED Panel – “Protecting the Sacred” – Hawai’i SEED

The ACLUs Views on Legal Issues and Developments in Hawaii Community Matters – ThinkTech Hawaii

Industry sector partnerships lead to new banking curriculum – University of Hawaiʻi News

Pacific Resources for Education and Learning: An Overview (Pacific Partnerships In Education) – ThinkTech Hawaii

University of Hawaiʻi helps middle school students prepare for future careers – University of Hawaiʻi

Coral Reef Restoration/Ocean Preservation

Why are coral reefs important

Why should we care about corals

Repairing the Reef: West Hawai’i Focuses on HabitatNOAA Fisheries

Mix of molten rock, seawater off Hawaii Island posing problems for marine life – Hawaii News Now

The Coverup Film, Reefs At Risk – is your sunscreen killing the reef?

Kids Take Action Against Ocean PlasticNational Geographic

Hawaii Storytellers: Lessons from the Ocean, Duane DeSoto on growing up in Makaha and his connection to the ocean through family – Civil Beat

Hawaii Storytellers: Lessons from the Ocean, Jim Howe on his journey as a young surfer to become a lifeguard and later the director of the Department of Emergency Services – Civil Beat

Hawaii Storytellers: Lessons from the Ocean, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy on empowering women through surfing – Civil Beat

Hawaii Storytellers: Lessons from the Ocean, Mike Town on his calling to restore the “canoe” that is the island of Kahoolawe – Civil Beat

Hawaii Storytellers: Lessons from the Ocean, Meira Va’a on her journey as an adaptive waterwoman and involvement in the water-based nonprofit organization AccesSurfCivil Beat

‘We were meant to be there’: Family pulls off enchanting dive to free entangled whale shark – Hawaii News Now

Plastic Pollution with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii – ThinkTech Hawaii

Billions Of Plastic Pieces Are Infecting Coral Reefs With DiseasesTIME

Unlocking genetic secrets of coral symbiosis to preserve iconic Great Barrier Reef – Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Mike Gil, Could fish social networks help us save coral reefs?TED

BBC Earth, Coral Gardening, South Pacific

Scientists Are Breeding Super Coral That Can Survive Climate Change – VICE on HBO

Plastic Ocean – United Nations

2018: Year of the ReefThe Ocean Agency

Sandwatch Foundation Training Videos (How to monitor and care for beaches)

Cultural Sustainability

(Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument)

(Kūʻula Course UH Hilo)

(Honokea Loko Iʻa, Keaukaha, Hi)

(Tomorrowʻs Ancestors – Clifford Kapono Hilo, Hi.)

(Tomorrowʻs Ancestors – James Akau Kaʻu, Hi.)

(Tomorrowʻs Ancestors – Haunani Kane Kailua Oʻahu)

Hula Is More Than a Dance—It’s the ‘Heartbeat’ of the Hawaiian People | Short Film Showcase – National Geographic

Hawaii for Kids | US States Learning Video – Homeschool Pop

Hawaii Rooted: Surfing Like Ancients – Hawaii

Hawaii/Hawaiian Islands/Hawaii for Kids/Hawaiian Geography – Kids Learning Tube

Meet the Master of Hawaiian Cowboy Music – Great Big Story

Hoʻōla ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi | Culture Keepers – OHA Hawaii

Using Ancient Wisdom to Develop a World Class Hawaiian Culture-Based Curriculum! – Kamehameha Schools

Meet The Native Hawaiians Fighting U.S. Occupation | Direct From With Dena Takruri – AJ+

Hawaii Rooted: Living a Cultural Legacy – Hawaii

Hawaii Rooted: The Primal Power of Hula – Hawaii

Hawaii Rooted: Navigating the Stars – Hawaii

Micronesian Youth Summit (Pacific Partnerships In Education) – ThinkTech Hawaii

Marshallese Education Day, 2018 (Pacific Partnerships In Education) – ThinkTech Hawaii

Environmental Disaster Preparation

Hawaiian Electric Companies, Emergency Preparedness in Hawaii

Build a FEMA Disaster Kit

City Prepping, Build a 2 week emergency food supply

Sesame Street Emergency Preparation

Minority SURGE Capacity id Disasters

Big Island brush fire continues to burn, scorching 3,000 acres – Hawaii News Now

Ocean robots are helping researchers analyze Kilauea’s ocean impacts – Hawaii News Now

Nearly three months later, Kilauea eruption shatters a record — and just keeps going – Hawaii News Now

Food Security

Center for Food Safety, We are the Movement: Hawaii Speaks:

Introduction to Hawaii Grown

Crossroads Resource Center, Cooking Up a Story, Ken Meter: Building A Local Food Economy: Part 1

Ken Meter on Building A Local Food Economy

Seeds of Hope film

ThinkTech Hawaii, Food & Power in Hawaii: Visions for Food Security

Kohala Center, Hawaii Island School Garden Network

ThinkTech Hawaii, Hawaii Food and Farmer Series

Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources Center

University of Hawaii News, UH Hilo Center grows oysters and the aquaculture workforce

Hilo Fish Company, Hilo Fish Ha’aheo Oysters

Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture, Aquaculture in the Pacific Islands series

Agriculture in Education, Introduction to Food Security

Hawaii Department of Agriculture Hawaii’s Island Fresh Recipes

Hawaii Center for Food Safety

Global Sustainability

Malama Learning Center

Harvard Belfer Center, Global Sustainability

Future Earth

Is Global Sustainability Possible?

Climate Reality Project videos

Hawaii’s Rain Dancers Summon Storms – Great Big Story

A New Way Forward for a Global Sustainability Culture – Falk Huettmann – TEDxFairbanks

Rapid Growth of Global Sustainability Investing – The American College of Financial Services

Large companies see payoffs in sustainability – PBS NewsHour

Green Jobs/Economy

What is a Green Economy?

Growing Green Economies

Working together to grow a green economy

Green Jobs for Hawaii: Biofuel workforce

Employment and Green Jobs (Hawaii, State of Clean Energy) – ThinkTech Hawaii

My Job: Renewable Planning Engineer – Hawaiian Electric Companies

Electrifying the Future: Workforce Needs (Hawaii, State Of Clean Energy) – ThinkTech Hawaii

Making a Difference in Hawaiʻi, HYCC Summer – KUPU

Career paths in sustainability – Duke University

Green Jobs, Bay Area & Beyond, Part 1 – GreenJobsBayArea

This is How Solar Power is Actually Creating Jobs – FUSION

Solar Ready Colorado: SOLAR CAREERS – Solar Energy Video

Wind turbine technician fastest-growing US job – Newsy

Can A Circular Economy Make Trash Obsolete? – NowThis World

The new trend of green economy in China – CGTN

These Skateboards Are Made From Recycled Fishing Nets – Al Jazeera

ESSNTLS by Indosole – The world’s most ECO-nomical Flip Flop – Indosole

Couple Builds Energy Efficient Passive Solar Home – Green Building – Exploring Alternatives

Green jobs, the key to sustainable development – International Labour Organization

China Leaving United States Behind On Green Energy Jobs – On Assignment with Richard Engel – MSNBC

Renewable Energy

ThinkTech Hawaii, Hawaii: State of Energy series

ThinkTech Hawaii, Stan the Energy Man videos

This Hawaii Island is the future of Energy (Kauai)

National Geographic, Renewable Energy 101

GreenBiz, Why Hawaii is Leading us to 100% Renewable Energy

Now This World, Which Countries Run on 100% Renewable Energy?

Climate Reality, India builds world’s largest solar panel station

Climate Reality, Solar Energy Helps power Sacramento California airport

Climate Reality, More than 100 Companies have pledged to get 100% of their energy from renewables

Climate Reality, Norway is building a city that will produce more energy than it consumes

Big Island is Big on Renewables – ThinkTech Hawaii

Natural Resources and Entrepreneurship at NELHA (episode 356) – ThinkTech Hawaii

1A Geothermal In Hawaii- The Hidden story – Power in Paradise

Electric Scooter Ride Share Program Launches in Honolulu – KHON2 News

Driverless cars in Hawaii – KHON2 News

Tesla solar panels are starting to power Hawaii island – CNN Money

Geothermal Energy in Hawaii (Research In Manoa) – ThinkTech Hawaii

COP23: Lessons for Hawaii (Hawaii, State Of Clean Energy) – ThinkTech Hawaii

Bridge to Hawaii’s future — lessons from the next generation – GreenBiz

Clearing the path for 100% clean energy and transportation – GreenBiz

This Hawaiian island is the future of energy – Grist

Scientists work to harness power from Hawaii’s waves – PBS NewsHour

Magical Thinking: Hawaii’s 100% Renewable Energy Story – Blue Planet Foundation

Volcano Lava Reaches Geothermal Plant and Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, Risking Public Health Disaster – Democracy Now!

We are 100: voices from our collective journey to 100% renewable energy – GreenBiz

Coal bastion Wyoming sees huge growth in renewable energy jobs – CBS Evening News

Solar panels prop up South Africa’s Electricity Grid – Al Jazeera

Which Countries Run on 100% Renewable Energy? – NowThis World

World’s Largest Solar Farm in India to Reduce Carbon Emissions, Power Homes – CNBC

Renewable Energy 101 – National Geographic

Ireland becomes first country in world to pull money from fossil fuels – Independent

Zero Waste/Recycling

Story of Stuff, Story of Microfibers

Story of Stuff, Let’s Ban the Bead

Story of Stuff, Story of Bottled Water

NOAA Marine Debris videos

Trash Talk

Good News Network, This woman easily lives a zero-waste lifestyle and she believes you can too

Kaohao School (Formerly Lanikai Charter School), in Kailua, on Oahu, Lanikai Zero Waste Revolution

Hawaii News Now, Zero Waste Hui at 3 Oahu Schools

Benefits of Eating Locally Grown – Hawai’i Institute of Pacific Agriculture

There’s No Power Like H-POWER – OpalaHawaii

Kids Take Action Against Ocean Plastic | Short Film Showcase – National Geographic

Midway, a plastic island – CNN

Plastic Free Hawaii – Kokua Hawaii Official

How San Francisco Is Becoming A Zero Waste City

You Can Live Without Producing Trash – Stories

Japan’s Town With No Waste – Great Big Story

Can plastic roads help save the planet? BBC News – BBC News

How Sweden is turning its waste into gold – FRANCE 24 English

Zero Waste is not recycling more, but less | Bea Johnson | – TEDx Talks

12 Cheap & Easy Tips for Reducing Your Waste – Sustainable Zero Waste Hacks

Stop Buying Compost. Perfect Way To Make Your Own Compost At Home – Natural Ways

The Truth About Biodegradable Plastic – SciShow

How Recycling Works – SciShow

Turning 315 billion pounds of plastic ocean pollution into sea-saving art – PBS NewsHour


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