Biodiversity, Kilauea- mountain of fire:

Hawaii’s Vulnerable Biodiversity:
■ Hawaii Volcanoes National Park videos:
■ Hawaii Wildlife Fund’s Honu Watch:
■ Hawaii Invasive Species Council, Invasive Species Videos:
■ Dateline NBC, Palmyra Atoll: 
■ The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii: The Importance of Palmyra Atoll:

Climate Refugees

● Aloha From Lavaland:
Hawaii Storytellers
● Kauai storm leaves major island damage, hundreds displaced:
● Hawaii News Now Flooding:


Climate Refugees

■ Environmental Justice Foundation, Falling through the Cracks:
■ Environmental Justice Foundation, Land of Rivers:
■ Environmental Justice Foundation, No Place like Home, Rising Waters:
■ Climate Refugees, The Movie:
■ How-to Guide for Environmental Refugees (Cateret Islands, Papua New Guinea atoll):
■ Platform on Disaster Displacement:
■ CBS News Climate Refugees, Kiribati:
■ MSNBC, Migrant Crisis, Marshall Islands:
■ Weather Channel, 2 Billion Could Become Climate Refugees From Rising Seas by 2100, Study Says:

Community Partnerships

● HIDOE Mālama Honua Recap

Finding Lessons on Culture and Conservation at the End of the Road in Kauai

Coral Reef Restoration/Ocean Preservation

Why are coral reefs important:
▪ Why should we care about corals:

Cultural Sustainability

(Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument)
(Kūʻula Course UH Hilo)
(Honokea Loko Iʻa, Keaukaha, Hi)
(Tomorrowʻs Ancestors – Clifford Kapono Hilo, Hi.)
(Tomorrowʻs Ancestors – James Akau Kaʻu, Hi.)
(Tomorrowʻs Ancestors – Haunani Kane Kailua Oʻahu)

Environmental Disaster Preparation

Hawaiian Electric Companies, Emergency Preparedness in Hawaii:
● Build a FEMA Disaster Kit:
● City Prepping, Build a 2 week emergency food supply:

Sesame Street Emergency Preparation
● Minority SURGE Capacity id Disasters

Food Security

Center for Food Safety, We are the Movement: Hawaii Speaks:

• Introduction to Hawaii Grown:
• Crossroads Resource Center, Cooking Up a Story, Ken Meter: Building A Local Food Economy: Part 1 (video):

• Seeds of Hope film:
• ThinkTech Hawaii, Food & Power in Hawaii: Visions for Food Security:

• Kohala Center, Hawaii Island School Garden Network:
• ThinkTech Hawaii, Hawaii Food and Farmer Series:

• Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources Center:
• University of Hawaii News, UH Hilo Center grows oysters and the aquaculture workforce:

• Hilo Fish Company, Hilo Fish Ha’aheo Oysters:

• Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture, Aquaculture in the Pacific Islands series:

• Agriculture in Education, Introduction to Food Security:

Hawaii Department of Agriculture Hawaii’s Island Fresh Recipes:

● Hawaii Center for Food Safety:

Global Sustainability

● Malama Learning Center:
● Harvard Belfer Center, Global Sustainability:
■ Future Earth:
■ Is Global Sustainability Possible?
■ Climate Reality Project videos:

Green Jobs/Economy

What is a Green Economy?
▪ Growing Green Economies
▪ Working together to grow a green economy
▪ Green Jobs for Hawaii: Biofuel workforce
▪ KUPU Hawaii

Renewable Energy

ThinkTech Hawaii, Hawaii: State of Energy series:
■ ThinkTech Hawaii, Stan the Energy Man videos:
■ This Hawaii Island is the future of Energy (Kauai):
■ National Geographic, Renewable Energy 101:
■ GreenBiz, Why Hawaii is Leading us to 100% Renewable Energy:
■ Now This World, Which Countries Run on 100% Renewable Energy?
■ Climate Reality, India builds world’s largest solar panel station:

■ Climate Reality, Solar Energy Helps power Sacramento California airport:
■ Climate Reality, More than 100 Companies have pledged to get 100% of their energy from renewables:

■ Climate Reality, Norway is building a city that will produce more energy than it

Zero Waste/Recycling

Story of Stuff, Story of Microfibers:
▪ Story of Stuff, Let’s Ban the Bead:
▪ Story of Stuff, Story of Bottled Water:
▪ NOAA Marine Debris videos

Trash Talk:
▪ Good News Network, This woman easily lives a zero-waste lifestyle and she believes you can too: 
▪ Kaohao School (Formerly Lanikai Charter School), in Kailua, on Oahu, Lanikai Zero Waste Revolution:
▪ Hawaii News Now, Zero Waste Hui at 3 Oahu Schools:

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