Global Sustainability

Pupukahi i holomua
(Unite to move forward)


7.3 billion people. Trillions of animals and organisms. One Earth. We’re all connected. We all share our planet’s precious and dwindling natural resources. What can we do so there is enough to go around in a world threatened by climate change? The Hokule’a’ Worldwide Voyage discovered and shared sustainable living practices from around the world. The East-West Center forges global partnerships and Global Island Partnerships Bright Spots.  Over the past 40 years, scientists have calculated the Earth’s Overshoot Day, a date which has gradually increased earlier in the calendar when we as humans have consumed more natural resources than the planet can regenerate in a year. 2018’s Earth Overshoot Day was earliest it’s ever been in decades—on August 1st . At this rate of consumption of our planet’s natural resources, humanity will need 1.7 Earths to regenerate our natural resources.  Each one of us can take the pledge to go green, for our island family, for our Hawaiian Islands, for our collective future. Start by calculating your carbon footprint. Then check our green living tips.  And don’t forget to flex your political muscle by weighing in on Hawaii state environmental bills.

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