Environmental Disaster Preparation

A’ohe hana nui ka alu’ia
(No task is too big when done together)


Hawaii is an island chain with over 1,000 miles of coastline, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  This isolation, combined with our active volcanoes, towering mountains, valleys, gulches, streams and rivers, can make us especially vulnerable to a environmental disaster.  The Hawaiian Islands can be especially at risk to tsunamis, floods,
drought, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions.
On Hawaii Island, Kilauea volcano’s recent lava eruption have displaced the people of Pahoa Town and in the Puna District.  Volcanic eruptions and environmental disasters can be devastating to our communities. It’s important that each of us are prepared.  Fortunately, Hawaii has many government and community resources at the ready.  Check out these resources, visit a Hawaii Emergency Management Agency workshop.  Most importantly, make a disaster readiness plan for your family.

Community Organizations

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