Cultural Sustainability

Ka Wā Ma Mua, Ka Wā Ma Hope
(Using the Past to Inform the Present and Future)


The Hawaiian Islands are home to diverse cultures which have created a plethora of cultural
practices, celebrations, languages and families. This cultural diversity is reflected in the multiethnic foods we eat, the
languages we hear, and the practices we perpetuate.

The diverse cultures of Hawaiʻi, including our Native Hawaiian culture and the unique cultures of Asia, South Polynesia, North America and Europe enrich our island communities. The Hawaiian islands are ablaze with cultural festivals, which help preserve and share our cultures.

The Merrie Monarch Festival on Hawaii Island is an annual celebration of the beautiful art and history of hula.
The Lantern Floating Ceremony on Oʻahu enables us to remember the loved ones weʻve lost and honor their
memory.  The Koloa Plantation Days on Kauaʻi celebrates the many diverse cultures and communities
introduced to Hawaiʻi during the plantation era. By celebrating and enjoying our unique cultures and
communities we sustain the special diversity of Hawaiʻi.

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