Berkeley Edu News: Hawaiian Biodiversity has been declining for millions of years

DLNR, Hawaii Statewide Assessment of Forest Conditions and Resource Strategy, Issue 6: Conservation of Native Biodiversity 2010

Truthout, Model in the Battle for Biodiversity

Threats to Biodiversity: A Case Study of Hawaiian Birds

Convention on Biological Diversity, What is Island Biodiversity?

Convention on Biological Diversity, Sustaining Life on Earth

Climate Refugees

Hawaii Magazine about Puna 2014-15 lava flow

National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, Pacific Island Nations

Hawaii’s Avian Climate Refugees

Wilson Center, Environmental Refugees

Washington Post, Houston took them in after Katrina, then Harvey hit

Science For Peace, Ecological Refugees:

The Guardian, UN Drops Plan To Create Group To Relocate Climate- Change

Globalization 101, Environmental Refugees

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Global Report on Internal 

Relief Web, Should Environmental Refugees Be Granted Asylum Status

How-to Guide for Environmental Refugees (Cateret Islands, Papua New Guinea atoll)

World Wildlife Fund, Climate Witness Community Toolkit

The Guardian, Climate Change Will Create World’s Biggest Refugee Crisis

PRI, Immigration Attorneys Warn Against Using Term Climate Refugee

New York Times, Climate Change Refugees

Community Partnerships

Discovering Community Power: A Guide to Mobilizing Local Assets

The Educating Neighborhood: How Villages Raise Their Children – JohnMcKnight

Hawaiʻi Health Matters – Community Health Needs Assessment Guide

Food Security

Crossroads Resource Center, Food Security Report, Hawaii’s Food System: Food for All

State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture, Statewide Agriculture Baseline Report

Hawaii County Food Self-Sufficiency Baseline 2012

Green Facts: Climate, Agriculture and Food Security

University of Hawaii News, UH Hilo Center grows oysters and the aquaculture workforce

University of Hawaii News, Developing shellfish farming opportunities

Four Seasons Press, Hualalai oysters grown and harvested at the resort

Green Jobs/Economy

Green Pathways out of Poverty, Workforce Development Initiatives

United States Department of Education, STEM 2026 A Vision for Innovation in STEM Education

State of Hawaii, Hawaii Green Workforce, A Baseline Assessment

Climate Reality Project, How Three Countries are Putting Renewable Energy to Work

Land Use Planning

Big Island Impacts: Effects of Current and Potential Future Land Use on Water Quality, Carbon Emissions, and Wildlife at Kohala Institute


Hawaiʻi Land Use Law and Policy Blog

Hawaiian Islands Land Trust

Environment Hawaii

Renewable Energy

Government Fleet, four Hawaii Counties to Transiton Fleets to Renewable Energy by 2035

Agu 100, Integrating Algae with Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (ABECCS) Increases Sustainability

Cultural Sustainability

Ecology, Conservation, and Native Hawaiian Traditional Ecological

Knowledge of Alyxia oliviformis Gaud. (maile) on Hawaii Island: A Model for Community-Based Native Habitat Restoration



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